Saturday, April 10, 2010

Mey Mey's Birthday Dinner

Nowadays when the children turns 18 we have to go out with them to celebrate their coming of age. During my time, my mum and dad will keep a straight face and gives us the impression that turning 18 is no big deal.

As a matter of fact nowadays parents tend to pamper their children more than those days when going to Penang from Ipoh is such a big occasion. I still remember we never celebrate birthdays in such a manner.

What my mum did was in the morning she will wake up early and cook me a big bowl of mee suah with mince pork. She will also boil a few eggs and dip it in red colouring for auspiciousness. Sometimes the whole family will join in. No cakes and no alcholic drinks. No friends are invited and we just have a quiet affair.

I just took it for granted and I think I never even thanked my mother for making such a big delicious bowl of mee suah for me.

I read somewhere once that " you will never know how much your parents loved you until you have children of your own "

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