Monday, April 5, 2010

My Roots - Ching Ming -

Remembering our forefathers. Well !!! every year I will not miss the Ching Ming festival.

Why? For a good three reasons.

First and foremost - since I was a child I was told that to worship our forefathers is the responsibility for the first born. That's me. Irregardless whether my brothers come with me or not.
Secondly - I miss my parents so much. Every opportunity I get. I visit them.
Thirdly - Ching Ming is the least I could do. I owe my parents so much. Even if I were to live till a hundred. I can never repay my debt to them.

When I sit by my grandpa's grave I remember the thing he use to tell me when I was a child. Stories from China about our family etc.

When I sit by my father and mother i remember what my dad told me when I was younger.

Hopefully my three daughters will remember what I told them.

I hope to put some of my thoughts in writing and some of the things i remember what my grandpa and my dad told me when I was a child.

Time waits for nobody. No matter how rich you are, how famous you are or how powerful you are. Time will keep on eating away your life bit by bit.

So my friends. Do what you feel will make you happy. Life is too short to sit and stare.

Live happy

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