Sunday, March 28, 2010

Too free today - Thoughts running wild again.

Starting at 9-00am. Sent my boys out to fetch two separate group of workers. One to do up the blocked pipe at the fish tank and couldn't get all the dirt out after washing the filter. Second group to concrete the outside of my house that looks like jungle when the grass cutter disappears for a few weeks.

As for me I was cutting the grass inside my house compound and next door empty land. Somehow my fruit trees seems not to be growing any bigger. Maybe its the soil.

But the moral of the story is that I did manage to do a lot of exercise despite the fact that I am down with flu. I'm getting better and I am not taking medication for it except for a panadol just now.

Sometimes I wonder whether I am spending time the right way.

Am I suppose to be doing all this rather than perhaps going out meeting friends and getting back into ( party politics ) . But having said that I have to weight it against my business and travelling outstation and travelling overseas.

Getting into party politics is like a full time job and spending a lot of money. No allowance from anyone. Only out of your own pocket. When people invite you for full moon party, weddings, birthdays, association dinners, fund raising dinners, school dinners or at funerals that's where the money goes.

When it comes to Chinese new year, can you imagine how many branches, divisions etc. Believe me one can easily turn blue in the face. Its not free. You have to pay for your own meals and also invited guests you have to pay for them as well.

Money is one thing, how about the time spent. That is a serious question that I always ask myself.

Couple with that, of course the wife plays an important part in my decision making process. " As usual ". Anyway it gives me satisfaction to know that she needs me around 24 hours a day. She misses me so much.

For the time being, I think I want to sleep peacefully. I reckon my wife will not let me alone if I go back to serving the party. Those branch meetings always at night and ends up having tea or beer and comes back late at night.

Putting my thoughts on paper.
Should try it !!
Its fun !!

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