Friday, March 26, 2010

Approaching a Morbid Subject

Many people whether they like it or not will eventually ask one question. What if I were to die tomorrow. Am I prepared to die. Is there anything else left to do. What will happen to my wife or my husband. What about my children. Will my children be able to take care of themselves. Do we have enough money to take care of them for life. What happens to so and so and so on and so forth.

Have you ever wondered whether you are doing something about it. We keep asking questions that we are not able to answer.

I think the solution is to make provisions as if you only have one month more to live. That way we will at least be accomplishing something if the time really come.

Why do I ask this question one may wonder. Think hard. Think how often this question comes to mind and we just try to brush it aside. People are naturally afraid of death and when the thought of death approaches your door we just simply shut it out.

I think it is very cool to be writing my own obituary. I don't want some emo fella talking about me as if I am a saint. How good I was and how everyone miss me so much. For a fact I know of people who would say, good riddence to that son of a bitch.

Think of what instructions to leave behind so that if it really happens then the family will know what you actually want.

My grandfather did that and he left the instructions to a good friend. when he eventually died his friend helped my uncle to sort everything out according to my grandpa's instructions. I think my grandpa was prepared for death. He knew what to do to the last detail.

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