Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I should have done more - saving for the wrong reason

I was just scrolling down the web page for Selangor Bar looking for an address when I came across the obituary page. Being curious i took a peek at who had died. I thought to myself surely must be someone I hardly knew and funny enough I saw the announcement that Bosco Philips had died last month.

It just flashed through my mind that I was just having tea with my daughter Mey Mey just a month ago when I saw him at the same indian restaurant ordering teh tarik. Life is just too short isn't it.

I was asking Christine last night would you like to visit Rome. It's really a beautiful city and I have been to Rome. The only thing that puts me off is the costs of travelling there and the amount of money we have to pay for hotel. Believe me it is expensive.

But come to think of it, why am I saving money for if not to pamper myself when i retire. That's why I always tell my 3 daughters to save when you are young and don't spend money foolishly. When you can make kopi "o" yourself, why go starbuck or coffee bean lah!!. When you can have egg sandwich at home why go to Victoria Station lah!!.

My philosophy is simple. When young work your butts off. When you get older spend within your means. When you retire, I doubt it I can depend on my children to feed me.

You know why? Cos I just said when young work your butts off and they won't have time for the retired man.

Just open your eyes and tell me how many older people are happy with what their children gives them. I can tell you - None.

What I regretted most is that I should have given more to my parents cos they deserve more. But being thrifty I was saving for the wrong reason. But they have passed on now and I can only write about it. I hope my experience will be a lesson to my 3 lovely daughters.

Make the right choice, make the right move and live your ife in full. Always live within your means.

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